A new journey

So few days ago I found out that I was pregnant and today I am in my seventh week and I have the regular things going on I mean any pregnant woman experiences the same nausea and aches here and there but the funny thing is that only when I knew I was pregnant I started to experience all that the very next day.

I was very active actually working out five days a week early to bed and woke up early too I was weight lifting and power yoga eating healthy and now I don’t have the strength to get out of bed I mean how did this happen and that also just in one day it’s just mind boggling well let’s see what else is in store for me with this pregnancy.


Cup of tea

Most of the days go by without even noticing what’s happening around us everything is just set in place the same routine almost automatic without thinking we are doing our daily stuff and when we sleep at night our body gets the rest it needs but our mind feels like it’s been awake for ages it’s tired and worn out so the ideal thing to really refresh and rejuvenate our mind and soul is to take a vacation but let’s be real here we can’t just get up and go considering everything the money, the time, work and all these other responsibilities but what we can do is just enjoy the little moments of our day like having a cup of tea not talking not thinking just doing nothing for those 10 minutes and having ur tea or take a day for yourself doing whatever you enjoy take out that time for you it’s going to benefit you and everyone around you even if u r stuck at home watch something or listen to music.

Vent out

Working out is a great thing makes you healthier mentally and physically specially if add yoga to ur routine in ur day to day life u take in so much.so much gets build up that u need to vent so I find it better to exercise as a way of venting .i love food I try to control my diet but it makes me depressed I know I am addicted but what can one do so I work out all that is going on in my mind that I can’t do anything about that makes me restless and anxious I put all that in my work out maybe that’s y my trainer I have a lot of energy but really I am dying inside today she comes up to me and says oh this squat seems to easy to you,you look comfortable in it and it’s not supposed to be like that you are supposed to be dying and I was dying really I was but my face was really calm and that’s only because I don’t want to make faces because I think it’s going to ruin the way I look but anyway she goes on and hands me a weight and I barely held on to it but I got through it and she said that’s really good and I’ll have to do it with weights so now i guess I’ll be doing weighted squats hmmm that’s going to a lot of venting I think.


Well today I finally started writing I’ve been told I should but never gave it a second thought so I’ll begin with something basic.i’ll tell u about myself I am in my early 30’s ,married and have two kids boy and a girl u know the ideal situation and to the world they r the perfect kids oh no let me correct myself they are angels but only I know the reality of the situation sometimes I listen to them talking and I feel like I am melting away and everything just blues and this may sound really weird but it’s like I float above myself and look at my whole situation so anyway today was a tough day with my kids so I started with it but there are happier and amazing things in my life because of them so until next time take care and be happy .